PS 27 DW Belts with paper backing for Paint, Varnish, Filling compound, Aluminium

Bonding agent Resin
Grain SiC
Coating Open
Backing D-paper
Filling compound
Paint shops

Abrasive belt PS 27 DW – for a supremely fine scratch pattern on painted surfaces

Klingspor has designed the abrasive belt PS 27 DW specifically for processing painted surfaces of ultra-high quality. It performs most effectively during sanding applications on UV lacquers. It is antistatic and characterised by its greatly reduced tendency to clog. This abrasive belt is available in a large selection of different grit sizes as a

  • short belt,
  • long belt and a
  • wide belt

version. A great many companies operating in the varnish processing industry have come to appreciate its performance on long and wide belt machines. This quality Klingspor product produces an impressively fine scratch pattern. It is recommended primarily for painted surfaces, but performs equally well when used for sanding paint, aluminium and workpieces processed with fillers.

The abrasive grain used is silicon carbide – with an open coating on D-weight paper

The abrasive belt PS 27 DW comes with a paper backing which Klingspor generally identifies with a letter. Exceptionally light grades of paper are, for instance, labelled with an A, while heavy grades of paper are marked with a G. The backing of this abrasive paper is a category D paper. It is of medium weight and, just like any other type of paper used by Klingspor, especially robust and tear-resistant. Applied to this backing is the silicon carbide abrasive grain, which possesses a hard, sharp-edged structure. The abrasive belt PS 27 DW comes with an open coating plus an additional stearate. This creates countless little spaces that allow for a quick removal of the sanding dust, thus preventing clogging. The abrasive belt is, furthermore, antistatic. Its antistatic properties prevent the formation of charged sanding dust, which may settle on the varnish or the machine and may be hard to remove with an extraction system.

The top layers benefit from an extra active agent coating plus the bonding made of fully synthetic resin

This guarantees a long service life and lowers the cost of operation significantly. The bonding is made of fully synthetic resin, which Klingspor uses for all of their abrasive belts. This fully synthetic resin is marked by its high strength and strong adhesive force. Its unique properties provide for excellent grain adhesion, which is a key factor determining the service life and the sanding result the product is capable of delivering. The abrasive belt PS 27 DW by Klingspor is an ideal tool for work on painted surfaces and fillers as well as workpieces made of aluminium.