DT 900 FP Special Diamond cutting blades for angle grinders for Hard floor tiles, Porcelain, Hard wall tiles, Hard fine stoneware, Ceramics

Suitable for wet and dry use
Class Special
Segmentation Continuous rim, with special geometry
Design Sintered
Service life
Hard floor tiles
Hard wall tiles
Hard fine stoneware
Floor tilers
Gardening and landscaping
Kitchen cabinet makers

Diamond cutting blade DT 900 FP Special

The diamond cutting blade DT 900 FP Special belongs to a group of professional tools that will always satisfy the highest standards in terms of performance and dependability - even if used for the most demanding jobs every day. Its continuous rim with special geometry allows the blade to operate at tremendous cutting speeds. As a result, the blade produces perfectly cut edges and also impresses with an exceptionally long service life. The extra thin blade is a particularly popular choice with tilers. It can generally be used for work on

  • hard tiles (both wall and floor tiles),
  • hard fine stoneware,
  • porcelain and
  • ceramic.

Additional benefits of the diamond cutting blade DT 900 FP Special

Klingspor manufactures all of their diamond cutting blades in house. This offers several benefits: For one, in-house production ensures that the core of the blade and the design of its rim are matched perfectly. Also, manufacturing in house ensures that the production and the quality of the blades are monitored constantly. All cutting blades made by Klingspor conform to the oSa guidelines and European safety standard EN 13236. This is why the user can always fully depend on unchanging quality and the greatest possible on-the-job safety.

Which specifications are found on the Klingspor cutting blade?

A colour code indicates for which materials the diamond cutting blade is suitable. A cutting blade for tiles, for instance, is identified by the colour green. The colour coding makes it exceedingly quick and easy for the user to establish for which materials the cutting blade is intended. An aid intended to ensure the correct mounting of the extra thin blade is the arrow printed on the blade that indicates its correct running direction. The user will also find information on the maximum permissible motor speed and the maximum operating speed in the red colour bar printed on the blade. Pictograms point out the personal protective equipment that must be worn during work with the blade. Work with diamond cutting blades requires gloves, breathing protection, hearing protection and protective goggles as an absolute necessity. Before starting to work, the user also needs to allow the cutting blade to run idle for approx. 30 seconds to verify that it has been fitted correctly.