A 46 N Supra Kronenflex® grinding discs for Aluminium

Class Supra
Bonding agent Synthetic resin, fibre-reinforced
Grain Aluminium oxide
Service life
NF metals
Boat and shipbuilding
Fittings manufacturers
Window and door construction

Kronenflex grinding discs A 46 N Supra – ideal for aluminium and non-ferrous metal

Boasting exceptional aggressiveness, the Kronenflex grinding disc A 46 N Supra by Klingspor delivers a high stock removal rate during work on

  • aluminium and
  • non-ferrous metal.

They are available in multiple diameters to match different angle grinders as well as in a variety of thicknesses. The possible applications for these grinding discs are legion. They can be used for grinding surfaces as well as for edge bevelling and burr removal. Thanks to these expansive application options, they cover the most important areas of coarse grinding on aluminium and non-ferrous metal.

Kronenflex grinding discs A 46 N Supra – aggressive, yet durable

Klingspor has grouped their abrasive tools into the three performance classes Extra, Supra, and Special. The Kronenflex grinding discs A 46 N Supra set themselves apart with an optimum ratio of removal rate to wear. This ratio - along with consistently high aggressiveness - is retained throughout the entire useful life of the grinding discs, thus guaranteeing a long service life. Another major benefit of these discs rests in the fact that they barely clog up with debris when used on non-ferrous metal. The discs allow the user to work on non-ferrous metal surfaces with exceptional speed and without interruption. The sum of these qualities makes the Kronenflex grinding discs A 46 N Supra by Klingspor an exceptional choice for volume production.

For improved safety during grinding and cutting – the oSa guidelines for abrasives and abrasive tools

The production process Klingspor uses for their grinding discs and cutting-off wheels complies with all EN 12413 requirements relevant to safety. The company subjects their Kronenflex grinding discs for angle grinders to additional testing in order to ensure conformity with the guidelines of the oSa, a European organisation dedicated to the safety of abrasive tools. This is why the Kronenflex grinding discs A 46 N Supra bear the oSa safety seal.