QMC 412 Quick Change Discs for Metals, NF metals

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Aluminium oxide
Coating Close
NF metals
Apparatus and container manufacturing

QMC 412 – Quick Change Disc for metals and NF metals

The Quick Change Discs with plastic locking are suitable for universal use across a wide array of grinding tasks. These include the processing of

-metal and - NF metal.

The abrasive disc can be used for both coarse and intermediate grinding. To ensure all-around compatibility, the matching products are made available in every size and the appropriate diameter. The discs can be purchased with various diameters and therefore be paired with a large number of customary tools. The right choice of abrasive disc will allow the user to process various different workpieces with the same excellent effectiveness. The main design aspect for this product was to deliver ultimate flexibility.

High removal rate for any type of job

The QMC 412 is sure to deliver flawless quality no matter for which type of material it is used. This superior performance is the result of the disc’s high removal rate with its aluminium oxide grain. This grain provides for thorough processing of metal. The pristine finishes of this product are also linked to the close coating of the grain. Established by synthetic resin, the bonding is guaranteed to last for a long time. During everyday use, the Quick Change Discs by Klingspor manage to impress with their exceptionally smooth operation. This attribute allows the user to produce uniform finishes - a factor of vital importance to users in a professional environment. Another major advantage is the ability to work with this product for long periods without fatiguing. This benefits professional users and do-it-yourselfers alike.

Compatible with the QMC system with plastic adapter

The Quick Change Discs with plastic locking have been designed for work with the QMC mounting system. This system is widely used in the professional world and provides for a secure and reliable connection with the backing pad. To fasten it, the disc must be placed on the backing pad and then screwed to the backing pad by a 180 degree turn of the disc. Changing the abrasive is always quick and easy and streamlines the user's workflow significantly. An available adapter even allows for use in combination with angle grinders.